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Crowley T Shirt

Crowley T Shirt. Advertisements

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The Death of Rock ‘ n Roll

Now that I am an older man, I frequently think about my life in rock and roll.  Then I think about how it died.  The concerts, drugs, sex, groupies, hangers on and my teenage self with my teenage friends.  We were

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Tell us how you feel…

Tell us how you feel….

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Pompeii triptych part 3

Completed and renovated Pompeii mosaic, matched to original

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Today is the greatest…

I love that song by the Smashing Pumpkins. Anyway, today’s art is part II of a triptych I am making . I am posting stuff under “Magick Art” and I am Little Jack. I hope that you communicate with me

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Pompeii mosaic renovation vers. 1


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Pompeii, dog on leash mosaic in need of restoration. Items used: Large decal of image, irregular hand cut stained glass, x-acto knife, sandpaper (i use that shit on everything.} Glass placed on small light board and photographed. Image for tomorrow

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