Hey gang, I’m excited that its almost Friday and I get to work this weekend on designing t shirts.  I talked to my niece about my designs and she said “Well uncle jack, they are a little dark.”  Meaning scary.  So I thought it and came home and started a series of serial killer t shirts.  They are definitely getting attention but nobody but Iggy Pop would wear one and he doesn’t even wear shirts.  SO here I am with all these cool ass shirts that nobody knows about because i really  think i need help in marketing them.  I have heard the pros and cons of doing “ugly” art but I am onot an artist.  I’m just a designer.  I know it pisses people off to get the same stuff from me day after day but i honestly don’t know how to get a target market of working serial killers.  I have a lifetime of cool things that I have collected that I want to share with somebody.  Kenneth Anger posters, Cocteau pictures, celebrity death pictures.  ANd no I am not some kind of rich ass but I did collect anything i could afford and that I was into.  And i’m into some bizarre stuff.  Is that so wrong?  PS If you haven’t noticed i am a sarcastic snob.  


I am founder and curator of Homosurreali™ art movement and magazine.

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