Is it thursday or friday?  Dont know, dont care.  bummer its friday.  well at least ghost hunters is on tonight.  I love how they can stretch an hour of nothing happening into an hour that feels like something has happened.  That’s good acting, my friend.  In my solitary existence i make up drama for the ght (ghost hunter team),like oh I think Zac is pissed off at Aaron.  Wonder what Aaron did to upset him.  About every three months Zac says something that is really funny.  I also love it when they get emotional and cry.  Or pretend to fight.  And after ghost hunters there is that lame show with Amy who is a paralegal, paramedic, i mean paranormal???  She sees dead people and it is worth watching just because it is so bad.  I will soon know if wordpress is as lame as the rest of the “social media” sites.  Then, you shall be exposed to my genius no more.  That is all, sir. 


I am founder and curator of Homosurreali™ art movement and magazine.

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