Delving into the dregs of society (Walmart) i noticed that the majority of shoppers were on their i phones being all cool and modern.  they coould not focus on their phones because theiir kids were “look what i can do” andd sstuff.  Here ae some words that you might hear at a southern walmart.  Go get me some assburn for headache.  I’m fixing to lose it widddat bitch.  I aint goin go to that supermarket. Unless they have rinds (pork rinds).  My favesare thee full blown wal marters.  Sitting in a portable elecgpmoc cjjaor and surrounded by brats of all types.  She has her coupom bopk a nd is ready for actiion..  Again, sorry for the typos and I have to wait til tomorrowto do  a better job.  Little JackImage


I am founder and curator of Homosurreali™ art movement and magazine.

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