Thursday, May the somethingth

I’ve been told that I should be a comedian.  The ironic thing is that I don’t find many things funny.  But people think the things I say are funny.  Anyway, my choices were sex worker or comedian.  SO I chose to make t shirts.  Or design t shirts.  T shirts are cool and they are accepted everywhere.  Now, the plain white undershirt t shirt is a little sketchy but I like those too.  Since I design t shirts I was thinking that I could add on to my “line” and create shorts for girls called t-shorts.  The Kardashians would be all over that shit.  But right now im busy enough just designing the shorts.  I gotta get busy now so spread the love and follow my blog  I go by Little Jack because I’m southern but my soul is canadian.  Controversial image i know but means equal rights for the southImage


I am founder and curator of Homosurreali™ art movement and magazine.

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