thursday may the somethingth

People say I could be a comedian.  Ironically, I don’t find many things funny.  So I narrowed my choices down to sex worker or t shirt designer.  T shirt designing is fun and not considered art, so I like it.  Art is cool but you have to go through too many ladies in expensive outfits and be told you’re not ready yet.  T Shirts are so low brow that your family doesn’t even mention it.  BUt I really love t shirts.  They are fun, expressive, cool and sort of cheap.  You can wear them anywhere.  FOr example, i saw one yesterday that said “I’m with stupiidly.”  That was a good t shirt.  I also like artistic ones that are sort of sketchy.  I did one about jodi arias but was promptly kicked off e bay.  Oh well.  I have gotta get to work desiggning now.  I am adding a new product line to my t shirts.  It’s for the girls and will be called t-shorts.  Kardashians will be all over that.  Little Jack


I am founder and curator of Homosurreali™ art movement and magazine.

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