I am hoping that someone will read this that hates art as much as I do.  That is a bold statement.  I am creating my own cabal of ennui-ridden artists who think it is time to change art from being an upper crust to something even the working man/woman can enjoy.  The name of my cabal is “Art Atheists” and means we do not believe in art as it is today.  Like disco, it is time for art to die and something else to have a chance.  How long do we have to worship Picasso, Leonardo, or all the “masters” for God’s sake.  Let somebody else have a moment in the sun.  If you’re a hater, hate art and join me at “Art Atheists.”  If you adore art and think it is some kind of transcendental experiment this is not for you.  


I am founder and curator of Homosurreali™ art movement and magazine.

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