I was wondering if there are others like me who absolutely hate art.  The irony is that you should be an artist before you can say you really hate art.  I also hate curators, museums, galleries, art fairs, art walks and art groups.  Oh, and I despise ALL art websites, all art critics and those who are going to “Teach” you how to be an artist.  SO come on haters, start to hating.  The “I Hate Art” movement is open to anyone.  It’s time for art to die, just like disco.  What has art done for you.  Nothing.  At best it is an intellectual exercise, at worst it is ornamentation for some living room.  It is overrated and worshipped.  Artists as a rule are lame and rude.  PLEASE do not respond if you worship Picasso or other so called masters.  And Dali, my God, his work is a seventh grade wet dream.  If you worship these two that’s fine and dandy.  I want a punk art movement that does not claim stencil artists {they are predictable”, street artists are destroyers of property.  So there it is.  The first thing we can do is have renegade shows in secret and only support each other.  No artist will be refused and no galleries will be tolerated.  


I am founder and curator of Homosurreali™ art movement and magazine.

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