Unveiled: Jack Sanders

Richard meets Jack Sanders and finds out more about the Homosurrealism art movement.

Source: Unveiled: Jack Sanders

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Unveiled: Jack Sanders

Unveiled: Jack Sanders.

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Ancient Aliens


It has been a while since I blogged. I finally finished a new piece and it is huge, 36 x 40 inches. I want to make sure that anybody who may be interested will be able to check it out. It is very psychedelic if looked at for 30 seconds or more. Also, I used no computers and used unusual media such as tea, coffee, water, old papers, and whatever. I don’t have any rules whatsoever when it comes to art. What do you think?

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Crowley T Shirt

Crowley T Shirt.

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The Death of Rock ‘ n Roll

Now that I am an older man, I frequently think about my life in rock and roll.  Then I think about how it died.  The concerts, drugs, sex, groupies, hangers on and my teenage self with my teenage friends.  We were not really part of it but we tried and some interesting things happened along the way.  I don’t speak of these things because it’s like the old dad reliving his days on the high school football team.  But since it really happened I will record it before i get full blown Alzheimer’s.  


TOMORROW:  Teenage awakening

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Tell us how you feel…

Tell us how you feel….

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Pompeii triptych part 3

IMG_0225 1

Completed and renovated Pompeii mosaic, matched to original

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